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iSEE repository for the Shiny contest
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Shiny Contest Submission: iSEE, the interactive SummarizedExperiment Explorer

This is the repository for our submission to the RStudio Shiny Contest.

We are happy to present you iSEE, the interactive SummarizedExperiment Explorer!

What does iSEE do?

In brief, iSEE can be your best friend for interactive and reproducible exploration and visualization of genomics data.

iSEE (interactive SummarizedExperiment Explorer) is designed for interactive exploration of high-throughput biological data sets stored in the SummarizedExperiment S4 class. It enables simultaneous visualisation of experimental data, associated metadata and analysis results, empowering users to discover new relationships in their data. iSEE combines shiny with other packages designed for interactive user interfaces (e.g., shinydashboard, shinjs, shinyAce, colourpicker, htmltools), with further extensions to deliver a full-featured application accessible to both novice users and experienced developers.

Links for the Shiny Contest

You can find our post in the RStudio Community here. From there, you can reach all the related links:

Want to discover more about iSEE?


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