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@@ -11,14 +11,20 @@ C library, parsing speeds are nice and fast -- 5K of input can be
converted into HTML in about 1 millisecond. Also, sundown is a fairly
popular Markdown processor and is the brains behind GitHub-flavored Markdown.
-Clone the repository and add it as an Android library project to your
+Option #1: Clone the repository and add it as an Android library project to your
application. You will also need to install the NDK and run `ndk-build`
from the project root directory, in order to build the `.so` file. A future
version of this project will (hopefully) have better packaging —
in the interim, your patience is appreciated.
+Option #2: UnZIP the ZIP file found in the Downloads area of this site into
+the `libs/` directory of your project. This only works for ARM targets, and
+this has been *very* lightly tested.
Create an instance of `com.commonsware.cwac.anddown.AndDown`, then call
`markdownToHtml()` on it, supplying
a `String` containing your Markdown source. This method returns a `String`
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