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Eclipse Gravatar Plug-in
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Eclipse Gravatar Plug-in

This is a plug-in to add Gravatar support to Eclipse.

The org.avatar.github plug-in contains a persistent store of fetched Gravatar images that can be used directly to get Image/ImageData instances for a specific hash or e-mail address.

This plug-in also contains LabelProvider and WorkbenchAdapter classes that provide images for objects that can provide a hash.

Avatar Example

Fetching an avatar from the plug-in store

Avatar avatar = AvatarPlugin.getDefault().getAvatars().loadAvatarByEmail("");
Image image = new AvatarImage(avatar).getScaledImage(32);

Getting a cached avatar from the plug-in store

Avatar avatar = AvatarPlugin.getDefault().getAvatars().getAvatarByEmail("");
Image image =  new AvatarImage(avatar).getScaledImage(32);

Creating a table viewer with Gravatar images

TableViewer viewer = new TableViewer(parent, SWT.H_SCROLL | SWT.V_SCROLL);
viewer.setContentProvider(new ArrayContentProvider());
viewer.setLabelProvider(new AvatarLabelProvider(viewer));
//Replace with a valid e-mail address
viewer.setInput(new Object[] { "" });


Eclipse Public License

As of May 14th, 2011 parts of this project have been donated to the Mylyn Commons Identity API as part of Bug 343602.

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