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πŸ• A curated map of furry-friend-friendly National Parks.
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πŸ• Dog-Friendly National Parks

An open-source, curated map of dog and pet-friendly National Parks in the U.S. (Canada coming soon).

Explore on Google Maps

Dog-Friendly National Parks Map

Color Icon Meaning
Green Dog Pets allowed (almost) everywhere in the park, including multiple trails
Blue Hiker / Trailhead Pets allowed on one or more trails, check park rules & seasonal restrictions on before visiting
Yellow Car Pets only allowed where cars can go, such as paved roads & campgrounds
Red Park Ranger Pets not allowed πŸ˜”

Before visiting any park and to get the most up-to-date pet rules and regulations, please visit the National Park Service website.

Data Sources:

First round of data collection was automated using web scraping, second round was done manually via web search / cleanup.

Corrections & Contributions

Please file an issue 😊

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