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This project pulls in AWS documentation and extracts, consolidates, and organizes all admonitions.

It is used to generate the content for AWS Reference Notes

Cloud Reference Notes

AWS Reference Notes is a compilation of the Note-able sections of AWS services1.

It is compiled by parsing all sections of AWS Documentation and extracting specific admonitions (eg. Note, Important, Considerations) which are then organized and compiled here.

AWS Reference Notes exists because I observed that any section of the AWS docs that start with a Note was something that was worth paying attention to. These sections documented gotchas, limits, and other caveats of a particular service. When not observed, they can take anywhere on the order of hours to weeks to work around.

Getting Started

  1. Clone the repo

    git clone
  2. Install dependencies

    cd aws-doc-extractor
  3. Compile typescript

    yarn watch
  4. Generate docs (optional)

    yarn gen:all

NOTE: currently, the default is to write the docs in dendron flavored markdown

Advanced Instructions

These instructions go over generating content to update AWS Reference Notes

  1. Create a dependencies folder
    mkdir dependencies && cd dependencies
    git clone
    git clone
  2. Run the api server
    cd dendron-api-v2
    yarn dev
  3. Sync the docs
    # $ROOT is where the package.json of aws-doc-extractor is
    cd $ROOT
    curl --location 'localhost:8080/sync/to' \
    --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    --data '{
        "src": "$ROOT/build/artifacts",
        "dest": "$ROOT/dependencies/aws-reference-notes/services",
        "targetFormat": "markdown",
        "include": "hierarchies=*",
        "exclude": "hierarchies=ignore.*",
        "deleteMissing": true


The following describes how the docs are extracted in pseudocode


  • services.forEach
    • upsertDevGuide: clone aws repo or pull
    • upsertToc: fetch table of contents for particular service
  • services.forEach
    • extractNotesFromService: extract Note sections for each service
  • generateSiteToc: generate a global table of contents for all services


  • processMarkdownFiles: extract Note sections from aws docs
  • combineTocAndNotes: merge extracted sections with aws table of contents
  • renderFromJSON(renderTargetFormat): write sections into target format
    • filterSectionWithContent: exclude all docs that don't have Note sections
    • section2VFiles: convert sections to virtual files
    • new {renderTargetFormat}.write: write output to given target formater


This describes the file layout of the project

doc layout

- build/
    - artifacts/
        - {service}/
            - {target}/
    - staging/
        - {service}/
- docs/
    - /{service}/
        - developer-guide/
        - toc.json
  • build: contains the extracted notes
    • staging: intermediary files created when extracting notes
    • {service}: specific AWS service
      • {target}: target format (eg. markdown, html, etc)
    • table of contents for all services
  • docs: aws upstream doc repos
    • {service}:
      • developer-guide: doc repo for particular aws service
      • toc.json: the table of contents for a particular aws service

Known Issues

  1. Jest tests don't work. Converted the package to es modules which has caused jest to fail.
  2. HTML target does not work. Made some refactoring to how targets work. Have not had a chance to update the HTML target spec


  1. NOTE: AWS Reference Notes currently has 66 services respresented


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