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Analysis of the BUDA Social Graph

Repository for analysis of BUDA players when considered as a social graph

Read more on my blog.

A note: I used python 3.3 for this, and made no effort towards python 2.x compatibility. Sorry.


  • numpy
  • matplotlib



  • this function gets raw roster data from by following the links in data/links.txt. In lieu of using a headless browser, links.txt was generated by hand
  • this combs the data/roster_data.tsv file and creates a list of nodes, one per player. It also creates one edge for each pair of players that played on the same team
  • this combines the edges from player_graph_init into a set of weighted edges (so twenty different A,B edges throughout the seasons become (A,B,20))
  • find nodes that have appeared in a league recently, to filter down the number of computations we have to do in


  • basic statistics about the network (node degree, edge weight)
  • this is essentially a recommender system for each player: this searches all other players and find the list of N players most 'similar' to that player, and writes out the concatenation of each player's list to a file. 'similarity' here is the sum of weighted jaccard similarity and cosine similarity.
  • this computes the % of BUDA covered for each recent player as a function of the degrees of separation K.


a quick Angular-based search capability embedded in the blog post. The version here will run standalone in a web container


this directory contains all of the outputs of the scripts above

the node list and adjacency list in player_graph/ are tailored for import into Gephi.


Analysis of BUDA ultimate frisbee league rosters as a graph network



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