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@DetNode @argo @apicraft @borealis-io
Tim Cameron Ryan tcr

Non-recurring engineer.

Tessel & More coast to coast

Tristan Slominski tristanls

Interested in design, development, and operation of autonomous self-directed teams and decentralized distributed systems.

Matteo Collina mcollina

Code Pirate and Ph.D. Software Architect @nearForm, IoT Expert, Consultant, and Conference Speaker.

In the clouds above Italy

Dominic Tarr dominictarr

cruiser not a racer

Mad Science New Zealand

Rod Vagg rvagg

Awk Ninja; Yak Shaving Rock Star & NodeSource South Coast NSW, Australia

Greg Brail gbrail

Google Palo Alto, CA

Nate McCall zznate

Apache Cassandra Committer and PMC Chair. CTO, The Last Pickle.

Wellington, NZ

Matthew Dobson mdobson

Apigee Detroit Michigan

Kevin O'Hara kevinohara80

People ask me to build things with code and I do it

@LevelEleven Rochester, MI

Mike Bobiney mikebob

Tap Through Apps LLC Detroit, MI

Benjamin van der Veen bvanderveen

Survant James Portland, Oregon

Matt Ingenthron ingenthr

Couchbase, Inc. Orange County, CA, USA

Rob Conery robconery

BigMachine Seattle, WA

Ryan Riley panesofglass

Tachyus Corp Manvel, TX, United States