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Official code for MURAL: Meta-Learning Uncertainty-Aware Rewards for Outcome-Driven RL (ICML 2021)

MURAL: Meta-Learning Uncertainty-Aware Rewards for Outcome-Driven Reinforcement Learning
Kevin Li*, Abhishek Gupta*, Ashwin D Reddy, Vitchyr Pong, Aurick Zhou, Justin Yu, Sergey Levine
International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) 2021

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Code Structure

The original codebase was based off of standard implementations of Soft Actor-Critic (softlearning) and Model-Agnostic Meta-Learning (pytorch-maml-rl).

Below are the main additions that are relevant to MURAL:

  • meta-nml/: Implementation of Meta-NML, an amortized version of Normalized Maximum Likelihood for deep neural networks using meta-learning.
    • meta-nml/maml/ Core Meta-NML algorithm
    • meta-nml/maml/metadatasets/ The NML dataset. Given a standard classification dataset with n inputs and labels (for k classes), this will construct a meta-dataset of n*k tasks, each of which involves adapting to one of the input points with an arbitrary label in 1, ..., k.
  • softlearning/: Library of RL algorithms
    • softlearning/algorithms/ Implementation of MURAL, a classifier RL algorithm that uses Meta-NML for uncertainty-aware rewards
  • examples/: Example setups for the environments in our paper
    • examples/*/ Hyperparameter and environment settings for each task
  • scripts/examples/*: Scripts to run MURAL on various environments

Setup Instructions

  1. Clone the repository

  2. Create a conda environment with the required dependencies, and activate it (2 commands):

conda env create -f environment.yml
conda activate mural
  1. Add the necessary paths (2 commands):
pip install -e .
conda develop meta-nml
  1. Install subfolder dependencies (2 commands):
cd meta-nml && pip install -r requirements.txt
cd ../multiworld && pip install -e .
  1. Enable execution for all run scripts:
cd .. && chmod +x scripts/examples/*.sh

Running MURAL

We have included separate scripts for each of the environments in the paper. Use the following commands to run MURAL on the desired environment:

  • Zigzag Maze: ./scripts/examples/
  • Spiral Maze: ./scripts/examples/
  • Sawyer Push: ./scripts/examples/
  • Sawyer Pick-and-Place: ./scripts/examples/
  • Sawyer Door: ./scripts/examples/
  • Ant Locomotion: ./scripts/examples/
  • Dexterous Hand: Unfortunately, the code for the Dexterous Hand environment is private and we have been asked not to include it in this submission for the time being.

Common Issues

numpy.ndarray size changed, may indicate binary incompatibility. Expected 88 from C header, got 80 from PyObject

Uninstall and reinstall numpy:

pip uninstall numpy
pip install numpy

TypeError: init() got an unexpected keyword argument 'tags'

Install an earlier gym version:

pip install gym==0.15.4

Missing aiohttp

pip install aiohttp psutil


This codebase was built off of the following publicly available repos:


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