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2009-05-14 version 2.9.0
Noteworthy Enhancements
* give visibility to templates and partials in Rails 2.1 and later, in
dev mode and production
* change active record metrics to capture statistics in adapter log()
call, resulting in lower overhead and improved visibility into
different DB operations; only AR operations that are not hitting the
query cache will be measured to avoid overhead
* added mongrel_rpm to the gem, a standalone daemon listening for custom
metric values sent from local processes (experimental); do mongrel_rpm
* add API for system monitoring daemons (refer to KB articles); changed
API for manual starting of the agent; refer to
NewRelic::Agent.manual_start for details
* do certificate verification on ssl connections to
* support instances appearing in more than one application by allowing a
semicolon separated list of names for the newrelic.yml app_name
* combined agent logfiles into a single logfile
* use rpm server time for transaction traces rather than agent time
Developer Mode (only) Enhancements
* show partial rendering in traces
* improved formatting of metric names in traces
* added number of queries to transactions in the transaction list
* added some sorting options for the transaction list
* added a page showing the list of active threads
Compatibility Enhancements
* ruby 1.9.1 compatibility
* support concurrency when determining busy times, for 2.2 compatibility
* in jruby, use Java used heap for memory sampling if the system memory
is not accessible from an unsupported platform
* jruby will no longer start the agent now when running the console or
rake tasks
* API support for RPM as a footnote add-in
* webrick support restored
Noteworthy bugfixes
* sample memory on linux by reading /proc/#{$$}/status file
* fixed ambiguous 'View' metrics showing up in controller breakdown
* removed Numeric extensions, including round_to, and to_ms
* using a different timeout mechanism when we post data to RPM
* remove usage of Rails::Info which had a side effect of enabling
ActiveRecord even when it wasn't an active framework
* moved CPU sampler off background thread and onto the harvest thread
* tests now run cleanly in any rails app using test:newrelic or
Agent improvements to support future RPM enhancements
* add instrumentation to capture metrics on response codes; not yet
working in rails 2.3.*
* added http referer to traced errors
* capture gem requirements from rails
* capture cpu utilization adjusted for processor count
* transaction sampling
2009-05-04 version 2.8.10
* fix thin support with rails 2.3.2 when using script/server
* fix incompatibility with rails 2.3.2 and script/server options
* minor tweak to environment gathering for gem mode
2009-04-17 version 2.8.9
* fix problem finding the newrelic controller in dev mode
* fix incompatibility with older versions of optparse
* fix potential jvm problem with jruby
* remove test:all task definition to avoid conflicts
* change error message about window sampler in windows not supported to a
warning message
2009-03-30 version 2.8.8
* fix error with jruby on windows
* fix problem where webrick was being incorrectly detected causing some
problems with mongrel application assignments--had to disable webrick
for now
2009-03-20 version 2.8.7
* fix for ssl connection hanging problems
* fix problem recognizing mongrel in rails 2.3.2
* fastcgi support in rails 2.3.2
* put back webrick support
2009-03-16 version 2.8.6
* fix for capture_params when using file uploads in controller actions
* use pure ruby NS lookup for collector host to eliminate possibly
blocking applications
2009-02-22 version 2.8.5
* fix reference to CommandError which was breaking some cap scripts
* fix incompatibility with Rails 2.0 in the server API
* fix problem with litespeed with Lite accounts
* fix problem when ActiveRecord is disabled
* moved merb instrumentation to Merb::Controller instead of
AbstractController to address incompatibility with MailController
* fix problem in devmode displaying sql with embedded urls
2009-02-17 version 2.8.4
* fix bug in capistrano recipe causing cap commands to fail with error
about not finding Version class
2009-02-10 version 2.8.3
* refactor unit tests so they will run in a generic rails environment
* require classes in advance to avoid autoloading. this is to address
incompatibilities with desert as well as more flexibility in gem
* fixed newrelic_helper.rb 1.9 incompatibility
2009-02-07 version 2.8.2
* fix Ruby 1.9 syntax compatibility errors
* update the class loading sanity check, will notify server of errors
* fix agent output on script and rake task execution
2009-01-27 version 2.8.1
* Convert the deployment information upload script to an executable and
put in the bin directory. When installed as a gem this command is
symlinked to /usr/bin. Usage: newrelic_cmd deployments --help
* Fix issue invoking api when host is not set in newrelic.yml
* Fix deployments api so it will work from a gem
* Fix thin incompatibility in developer mode
2008-12-18 version 2.8.0
* add beta of api in new_relic_api.rb
* instrumented dynamic finders in ActiveRecord
* preliminary support for capturing deployment information via capistrano
* change memory sampler for solaris to use /usr/bin/ps
* allow ERB in newrelic.yml file
* merged support for merb into this version
* fix incompatibility in the developer mode with the safe_erb plugin
* fix module namespace issue causing an error accessing
NewRelic::Instrumentation modules
* fix issue where the agent sometimes failed to start up if there was a
transient network problem
* fix IgnoreSilentlyException message
2008-12-09 version 2.7.4
* fix error when trying to serialize some kinds of Enumerable objects
* added extra debug logging
* added app_name to app mapping
2008-11-26 version 2.7.3
* fix compatibility issue with 1.8.5 causing error with Dir.glob
2008-11-24 version 2.7.2
* fix problem with passenger edge not being a detected environment
2008-11-22 verison 2.7.1
* fix problem with skipped dispatcher instrumentation
2008-11-23 version 2.7.0
* Repackage to support both plugin and Gem installation
* Support passenger/litespeed/jruby application naming
* Update method for calculating dispatcher queue time
* Show stack traces in RPM Transaction Traces
* Capture error source for TemplateErrors
* Clean up error stack traces.
* Support query plans from postgres
* Performance tuning
* bugfixes
2008-10-06 version 2.5.3
* fix error in transaction tracing causing traces not to show up
2008-09-30 version 2.5.2
* fixes for postgres explain plan support
2008-09-09 version 2.5.1
* bugfixes
2008-08-29 version 2.5.0
* add agent support for rpm 1.1 features
* Fix regression error with thin support
2008-08-27 version 2.4.3
* added 'newrelic_ignore' controller class method with :except and :only options for finer grained control
over the blocking of instrumentation in controllers.
* bugfixes
2008-07-31 version 2.4.2
* error reporting in early access
2008-07-30 version 2.4.1
* bugfix: initializing developer mode
2008-07-29 version 2.4.0
* Beta support for LiteSpeed and Passenger
2008-07-28 version 2.3.7
* bugfixes
2008-07-28 version 2.3.6
* bugfixes
2008-07-17 version 2.3.5
* bugfixes: pie chart data, rails 1.1 compability
2008-07-11 version 2.3.4
* bugfix
2008-07-10 version 2.3.3
* bugfix for non-mysql databases
2008-07-07 version 2.3.2
* bugfixes
* Add enhancement for Transaction Traces early access feature
2008-06-26 version 2.3.1
* bugfixes
2008-06-26 version 2.3.0
+ Add support for Transaction Traces early access feature
2008-06-13 version 2.2.2
* bugfixes
2008-06-10 version 2.2.1
+ Add rails 2.1 support for Developer Mode
+ Changes to memory sampler: Add support for JRuby and fix Solaris support.
* Stop catching exceptions and start catching StandardError; other exception cleanup
* Add protective exception catching to the stats engine
* Improved support for thin domain sockets
* Support JRuby environments
2008-05-22 version 2.1.6
* bugfixes
2008-05-22 version 2.1.5
* bugfixes
2008-05-14 version 2.1.4
* bugfixes
2008-05-13 version 2.1.3
* bugfixes
2008-05-08 version 2.1.2
* bugfixes
2008-05-07 version 2.1.1
* bugfixes
2008-04-25 version 2.1.0
* release for private beta
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