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require 'yaml'
require 'newrelic/agent/method_tracer'
def to_stderr(s)
STDERR.puts "** [NewRelic] " + s
# Initializer for the NewRelic Agent
config_filename = File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), '..','..','..','config','newrelic.yml')
newrelic_config_file =
newrelic_agent_config = YAML.load(newrelic_config_file)[RAILS_ENV] || {}
::NR_CONFIG_FILE = newrelic_agent_config
::RPM_AGENT_ENABLED = newrelic_agent_config['enabled']
::RPM_DEVELOPER = newrelic_agent_config['developer']
# Check to see if the agent should be enabled or not
disabled = ENV['NEWRELIC_ENABLE'] && ENV['NEWRELIC_ENABLE'].downcase =~ /false|off|no/
# note if the agent is not turned on via the enabled flag in the
# configuration file, the application will be untouched, and it will
# behave exaclty as if the agent were never installed in the first place.
if !disabled && (::RPM_AGENT_ENABLED || ::RPM_DEVELOPER)
require 'newrelic/agent'
agent = NewRelic::Agent.instance
# When (and only when) RPM is running in developer mode, a few pages
# are added to your application that present performance information
# on the last 100 http requests your application has handled, allowing
# you to diagnose performance problems on your desktop.
# to see this information, visit http://localhost:3000/newrelic
controller_path = File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'ui', 'controllers')
helper_path = File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'ui', 'helpers')
$LOAD_PATH << controller_path
$LOAD_PATH << helper_path
Dependencies.load_paths << controller_path
Dependencies.load_paths << helper_path
config.controller_paths << controller_path
require 'newrelic_routing'
# inform user that the dev edition is available if we are running inside
# a webserver process
if agent.local_port
to_stderr "NewRelic Agent (Developer Mode) enabled."
to_stderr "To view performance information, go to http://localhost:#{agent.local_port}/newrelic"
rescue Errno::ENOENT => e
to_stderr "could not find configuration file #{config_filename}."
to_stderr "be sure to put newrelic.yml into your config directory."
to_stderr "Agent is disabled."
rescue Exception => e
to_stderr "Error parsing #{config_filename}"
to_stderr "#{e}"
to_stderr e.backtrace.join("\n")
to_stderr "Agent is disabled."
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