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NewRelic RPM is a Rails performance management system, developed by New Relic, Inc.
RPM provides you with deep information about the performance of your Ruby on
Rails application as it runs in production. The New Relic Agent is distributed as
a Rails Plugin, which is trivial to install and use.

Our testing shows that this agent introduces minimal overhead: in production, a
typical controller action will be impacted by less than 5 milliseconds in
response time. (That's significantly less time than is typically spent in mapping
a request to the appropriate controller action.) So, you can run RPM all the
time, and always have access to the information you need to resolve performance
problems and ensure your application can scale to meet the demands of your

The New Relic Agent runs in one of two modes:

Desktop mode is on by default when you run your application in the development
environment (but not when it runs in other environments.) When running in
desktop mode, the NewRelic Agent Rails Extension will track the performance of
every http request serviced by your application, and store in memory this
information for the last 100 http transactions.

The Desktop Edition will also add a few pages to your application that allow you
to analyze this performance information. (Don't worry - those pages are not
added to your application's routes when you run in production mode.)

To view this performance information, including detailed SQL statement analysis,
go to http://localhost:3000/newrelic and start drilling down.

When your application runs in the production environment, the NewRelic agent
runs in production mode. It connects to the New Relic RPM service and sends deep
performance data to the RPM service for your analysis. To view this data, login

NOTE: you must have a valid account and license key to view this data online.
When you sign up for an account at, you will be provided with a
license key, as well as a default configuration file for NewRelic RPM. You can
either paste your license key into your existing configuration file,
config/newrelic.yml, or you can replace that config file with the one included in
your welcome email.

Thank you, and and may you application scale to infinity plus one.  

Lew Cirne, Founder and CEO
New Relic, Inc.

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