Chef (solo), Capistrano and Roundsman Bootstrap.
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Chef (solo), Capistrano and Roundsman Bootstrap

This repository contains a collection of cookbooks and configuration files, which can be used to manage your server dependencies and deploy your Rails, Sinatra or Middleman app. This is al made possible by Chef (solo), Capistrano and Roundsman, which combines the two for easy deployment.


Using all of this goodness, requires you to follow these easy steps:

  1. bundle install
  2. Edit config/deploy.rb (e.g. if you need to add a new stage) and config/deploy/apache-rails.rb (in case you're deploying a Rails app on Apache). If you're using Vagrant, you might want to edit config/deploy/vagrant.rb also. When you use Nginx instead of Apache, config/deploy/nginx-rails.rb is the stage to use and when you're deploying a static website created with Middleman, you could use config/deploy/nginx-middleman.rb.

That's it. When using Vagrant, you'll want to deploy to that stage. This is done by running cap vagrant deploy:setup and after that cap vagrant deploy. If everything went according to plan, you can deploy to your actual server by running the cap deploy:setup (or cap production deploy:setup) command. When that's done, run: cap deploy.


This setup will either install Apache, MySQL and Passenger or Passenger compiled into Nginx and has been tested on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. It can be used to deploy multiple projects. Just clone it into a separate 'deploy' project and create a new stage for each of your websites.