A collection of functions for common data reshaping operations, as well as functions for table and plot generation for R Markdown documents.
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Kmisc is a package chock full of miscellaneous functions that intend to make the R programming process easier. The functions range from:

  • A faster implementation of reshape2::melt for data.frames and matrix's,
  • Utility functions for generating and styling R Markdown documents,
  • A simple wrapper to awk,
  • Functions for reading in subsets of very large files:
    • extract_rows_from_file pulls specific rows from a (potentially large) tabular data file, where we only take rows for which a particular column entry matches a list of desired elements,
    • split_file splits a file on a particular column into separate, smaller files, so that these smaller files are more amenable to parallel processing,
  • Faster implementations of some common R functions; e.g. counts is a faster version of table for single vectors; tapply_ is a faster tapply for the common case of splitting an atomic vector by another atomic vector, factor_ is a faster factor...
  • And more! Browse the index to get an idea of everything that's there.

Install me in R with devtools::install_github() with the following call: