Background lighting for when it gets dark with a PiGlow!
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PiGlow Ambient

With this simple program written in Go you can have an awesome ambient light when it gets dark. The program will fade the PiGlow in around sunset and will fade it out around sunrise. This is still an alpha alpha version and not sure what direction I want to take it. Any ideas are welcome.

Please let me know by email or issues or whatever if you are using this and want features!!!


For easy installation see the wiki page Installation


  • SIGHUP for reloading config file
  • On startup check if we should have ambient lightning on, off or if we are in transition
  • Ping checking if other computer(s) are on, if not stop the ambient lighting
  • Auto update using github
  • Correct installing (auto) (location, default config file, insserv, etc)

About me

Author: Kevin Valk