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pyflakes submodule doesn't include setter/deleter fix #51

m0n5t3r opened this Issue · 2 comments

2 participants


the submodule is at kevinw/pyflakes@8f62656, and the fix is the following commit, kevinw/pyflakes@fdf7123

maybe it would be a good idea to update it to the current master HEAD...


Are you talking about this:

    def data(self):
        return self._data

    def data(self, value):
        self._data = value

    def data(self):
        sys.stderr.write('You must not delete me!\n')

Shows "redefinition of function 'data' from line [..]"

Which is annoying and should be fixed :-)


it is already fixed, there was an older patch that was reapplied in kevinw/pyflakes@fdf7123 (I actually thought it wasn't and did the work to fix it myself, only to discover later that I only needed to do a git checkout master in the pyflakes submodule)

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