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on the fly Python checking in Vim with PyFlakes
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A Vim plugin for checking Python code on the fly.

PyFlakes catches common Python errors like mistyping a variable name or accessing a local before it is bound, and also gives warnings for things like unused imports.

pyflakes-vim uses the output from PyFlakes to highlight errors in your code.

Make sure to check for the latest updates.

Quick Installation

  1. Make sure your .vimrc has:

    filetype on            " enables filetype detection
    filetype plugin on     " enables filetype specific plugins
  2. Download the latest release.

  3. Unzip pyflakes.vim and the pyflakes directory into ~/.vim/ftplugin/python (or somewhere similar on your runtime path that will be sourced for Python files).


If you downloaded this from, then just drop the contents of the zip file into ~/.vim/ftplugin/python.

Otherwise, you'll need PyFlakes on your PYTHONPATH somewhere. I recommend getting my PyFlakes fork, which uses the _ast module new to Python 2.5, and is faster and more current than PyFlakes' old usage of the deprecated compiler module.


git clone git://
cd pyflakes-vim
git clone git://


  • signs support (show warning and error icons to left of the buffer area)
  • configuration variables
  • parse or intercept useful output from the warnings module


Please see for a history of all changes.

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