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tuffix: Tuffy's Linux

Official Linux environment for CPSC 120, 121, and 131 at California State University, Fullerton. Our mascot is Tuffy the elephant.


The key goal of this effort is to have a unified programming environment for our introductory courses that is accessible, fosters collaboration, and enables students and instructors to share working code with one another.

The major components of Tuffix are

  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • clang compiler
  • GNU g++9 C++ compiler
  • Atom text editor
  • gdb debugger and Atom's dgb-gdb frontend

Additional tools and libraries are also included to support rich programming assignments, and courses aside from 120-121-131.

Community Slack Workspace

Anyone using Tuffix (students, instructors, developers) should join the CSUF TUFFIX slack workspace at

Please use the appropriate channel within the workspace:

  • #general: Troubleshooting installing and using Tuffix. This is usually the right place for students to ask questions. Open to anyone with a CSUF account.

  • #instructors: Troubleshooting instructor's issues, such as setting up classes or assignments with Tuffix. This is only open to CSUF instructors. If you are a CSUF instructor, please ask a Slack workspace admin to invite you to the #instructors channel.

  • #developers: Creating and maintaining the Tuffix system. This is only open to people who are actively contributing to the Tuffix project (mostly instructors). If you are interested in being a developer, please ask a Slack workspace admin, or current developer, to invite you to the #developers channel.

Installation & Hardware Requirements

See the Tuffix Installation Instructions in

Building a Release VM

See the Tuffix VM Build Process in


This is the product of a working group including Mikhail Gofman, Paul Inventado, and Kevin Wortman. It builds upon Michael Shafae's build scripts ( and Kenytt Avery's node-box (


TUffy's lInuX




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