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Triangles are my favourite shape

Three points where two lines meet

∆ (Alt-J) - Tessellate


Generate tessellated equilateral triangles with nice colors on to a canvas.

See a demo:


// returns a canvas element
  size: size of triangles
  colors: array of colors that are randomly chosen from

  width (optional): width of canvas returned, defaults to window.innerWidth
  height (optional): height of canvas returned, defaults to window.innerHeight
  randomColor (optional): function that returns a color, overrides the color option,
                          passed the current row and triangle index it's on for better
                          control over color placement
  disableRandomStart (optional): starts triangle generation at (0, 0)

Things That Need Thinking

  • Make a playground.
  • Should there be built in color schemes? (ColorBrewer, ColourLovers)
  • Other shapes? (squares, hexagons)
  • Support various module definition APIs.
  • Add image exporting?


Brina Lee's Photo

One of my classmates, Brina Lee, had press coverage as the first #womeng at Instagram [1, 2]. The photo for this press release was a photo of her standing in front of a wall(?) where there were tessellated triangles.

I really want to visit where ever this is in person.

iPhone Backgrounds

Tess Rinearson

When we met, Tess was wearing a necklace with triangles on it. I made a stupid joke about her name being Tess and triangles and whether she only wears shapes that tessellate.

Alt-J - Tessellate

I really like this song: ∆ (Alt-J) - Tessellate.

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