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A Java parser that gets seat information, class name, time, location, etc. from myPurdue website.
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Purdue Course Parser

Purdue Course Parser is a simple library which retrieves course information from myPurdue website.

This project is still under development. Features are not complete yet.


The source of Purdue Course Parser is released under Apache License 2.0.


You will need Java (>= 1.6) and maven (>= 3.0.3) to build.

To build, you wound run:

mvn compile

To package class files into jar:

mvn package



Recommended IDE is Eclipse IDE for Java Developers.

To develop with Eclipse, you will need following plugins installed:

  • m2e
  • EGit

To install these plugins:

Help --> Eclipse Marketplace --> search "egit" for EGit -->
search "Maven Integration for Eclipse" for m2e --> click install --> click finish

Clone the repository (use your own forked repository):

git clone

Import project into Eclipse:

File --> Import --> General --> Existing Projects into Workspace -->
Select root directory --> Browser --> select the folder you just cloned --> click finish
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