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Use to automatically fill in your citations
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Latex Web Thing


  • Use the user's citation-key as the bibtex citation-key. For example, the bibtex entry generated by \cite{mazur:eisenstein} should yield @article {mazur:eisenstein ...
  • Handle multiple or no entries on mrlookup. Prompt user at the end.
  • Handle optional arguments in citation: \cite[Prop 14.2]{mazur:eisenstein} but maybe we don't actually have to do this since the aux file might have stripped this out.
  • Perhap send multiple requests? But this might make amsmath mad.
  • Handle no/poor network connection.
  • See if there's a better way to integrate into pdflatex than what's already being down. Is there a way to integrate into latexmk?
  • See if there's a way to have multiple bibtex citation-key to a single entry. If so, how should we handle this?
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