Android Forecast API wrapper
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An Android library to integrate the Forecast API into your application


Getting Started

For a more in depth look at the usage, refer to the example Android app.


Specify the dependency in your build.gradle file (make sure jcenter() is included as a repository)

compile ''

Forecast API Registration

In order to use the Forecast API, you will need to register as developer with them, and obtain an API key


Configure the library

Before you can make a request with the Forecast library, you must configure it.

ForecastConfiguration configuration =
    new ForecastConfiguration.Builder(API_KEY)

Make a forecast request

double latitude = 40.2712;
double longitude = -74.7829;
                    .getForecast(latitude, longitude, new Callback<Forecast>() {
                        public void onResponse(Call<Forecast> forecastCall, Response<Forecast> response) {
                            if (response.isSuccess()) {
                                Forecast forecast = response.body();

                        public void onFailure(Call<Forecast> forecastCall, Throwable t) {