Non-blocking for loop styled iteration for Node.js
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Non-blocking asynchronous iteration for Node.js and the browser.

eachtick iterates over objects or arrays using setImmediate by calling an iterator function with a key, value, and completion callback. You can break out of iterations by passing an error or the stop instruction

eachtick([ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ], function iterator(index, value, next) {
  console.log(index, value);
  // Break with an error
  // Break without an error
  next(null, true);
}, function complete(err, stop) {
  if (err || stop) console.warn(err, stop);
  console.log('Iteration complete');


For Node.js

Install eachtick from the npm repository

npm install eachtick

Require eachtick in a script

var eachtick = require('eachtick');

For the browser

Include eachtick on your page

<script type="text/javascript" src="/js/eachtick.js"></script>


// Works with any object or array
var obj = {
  foo: 'bar',
  beep: ['boop'],
  yin: {
    yang: true
  //stop: true,
  error: true

// Provide an iterator() and complete() callback
// complete() callbacks are optional
// Calling next() is mandatory
eachtick(obj, function iterator(key, value, next){
  console.log('Key: ' + key + ' Value: ' + JSON.stringify(value));
  if (key === 'stop') {
    // To `break` out of iteration without
    // an error, provide a falsy 1st argument
    // and a truthy 2nd argument
    next(null, true);
  } else if (key === 'error') {
    // Simulate asynchronous task producing an error
      // Return an error and stop iterating
      next('Roger, we have uh oh');
    }, 2500);
  } else {
    // Continue to the next iteration
}, function complete(err, stop) {
  // Iteration has had an error,
  // been asked to stop early,
  // or completed successfully
  if (err || stop) {
    console.warn('Error: ' + err);
    console.warn('Stop: ' + stop);
  console.log('Iteration complete');


  • Add iteration completed callback for asynchronous iterators
  • Add ability to break out of iteration on errors or otherwise
  • Add browser support
  • Produce performance comparison data
  • Produce examples
  • Unit Tests