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Vanilla JS table with fixed header row and leftmost column
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A simple HTML and JS table with a fixed header row and a fixed leftmost column. The approach is taken from Fixed Tables JS.


  • Uses standard html table markup — no extra elements or classes needed. The only requirement is that the table is inside an element with class fixed-table-container.
  • Uses vanilla JavaScript, so there's no dependencies.
  • When users resize the browser window, column widths are updated using the default HTML table layout algorithm.


  • Cell heights are incorrect when a row contains cells of varying heights. To avoid this, do not wrap cell content (e.g., by using white-space: nowrap !important;). Avoid long content in the fixed column so that it doesn't overwhelm narrow viewports.


// Initialize table
var myFixedTable = fixTable(document.getElementById('my-fixed-table-container'));

// Programatically re-layout the table (e.g., after changing the number of columns, or changing content)
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