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A Boilerplate using Meteor.js and Semantic UI

You can go and find a working copy at

This boilerplate includes the following packages :

  • Semantic UI
  • Iron-router
  • Roles
  • Collection2
  • Simple Schema
  • Autoform
  • FilePicker
  • Ogno-Admin
  • Accounts-UI

To start using it

git clone

cd meteor-semantic-boilerplate && mrt


It has a basic account setup :

A working subscribe and contact forms :

go check subscriber.js and contact.js for more info

Going further

You can easily activate the management of images with Filepicker, just grab your FilePicker Key and put it in the /server/admin.js file

To be done

  • Put accounts folder into own package : accounts-entry-semantic
  • Put subscriber into own package : subscriber-semantic
  • basic security on admin
  • more basic helpers
  • cleanup code
  • better README
  • much much more..
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