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1. About

Tempeo is a weather app I've built with JS for educational purposes. Live Demo here

It uses 3 APIs :

The main goal was to combine multiple APIs inside the same project.

2. Installation

  • install dependencies :

    npm install

  • create a .env file in the root directory of your project

  • inside, store your OpenWeatherMap Api Key like this: OWM_API_KEY=YOUR_KEY

  • create a keys.js file inside the public folder

  • inside, create a config object and pass your Algolia keys:

    const config = {
      appId: 'yourAppId',
      apiKey: 'yourApiKey'

3. Usage

  • To run it on your local machine npm run start or yarn start

  • You should be able to:

    • drag and navigate the map to find your location
    • click on the map to display weather informations
    • type your location directly into the autocompletion search bar

The application might be subject to changes for learning purposes

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