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Fixing link to gen_server manpage

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commit 6e960d9593d83cf3753c2642f7d80f8fe9750dc7 1 parent e1df3f2
@kevsmith authored
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@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ Coming soon:
2. Implement the required functions. These include the usual suspects from gen_server (see the
-[gen_tcp]( "gen_server manpage") manpage for details) and two new
+[gen_server]( "gen_server manpage") manpage for details) and two new
functions: <code>sock_opts/0</code> and <code>new_connection/2</code>.
2a. <code>sock_opts/0</code> is used by gen_nb_server to retrieve the set of socket options to use when
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