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What is hammy?

hammy is an opinionated Erlang wrapper around Christoph Rupp’s excellent HamsterDB library. hammy doesn’t strive to provide a 1:1 binding to all of HamsterDB’s API. Instead, hammy’s goal is to provide a useful and fast key/value store API.

How do I build it?

Simply check out the sources and type ‘make’. hammy requires Erlang (tested against R13B04, should run on R14) and wget to build.

How fast is hammy?

Type ‘make benchmark’ to get an idea how fast hammy is on your machine. In general, you can expect hammy to serve about 5000 writes/sec. Of course, a lot depends on disk speed, class of machine, and the size of your data.

Where are the docs?

It’s stll early days for hammy so docs are a little lacking. For now, refer to the hammy module for the list of functions available. More docs are coming soon.

What license does hammy use?

hammy is licensed under the Apache2 license.