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Vesalius TODO List

Command Line Options Parsing

Suggested behaviors by kevsmith:

%% Single module, empty code path
vesalius --module foo

%% Single module, manual code path
%% Tool automatically detects and adds any compiled code
%% in ebin dirs (deps/bar/ebin, for example)
vesalius --module foo --path deps/bar,deps/baz

%% Single module, automatic code path
vesalius --module foo --path deps/*

%% Whole app, empty code path
%% Assumes ebin subdir in cwd
vesalius --app foo

%% Whole app, use to find and include deps
%% libdir is checked first and then system lib to
%% locate deps
vesalius --app foo --libdir deps

%% Whole app, manual code path
%% isn't consulted for deps
vesalius --app foo --path deps/bar, deps/baz

%% Whole app, automatic code path
vesalius --app foo --path deps/*