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PasteHunter is a python3 application that is designed to query a collection of sites that host publicly pasted data. For all the pastes it finds it scans the raw contents against a series of Yara rules looking for information that can be used by an organisation or a researcher.

Pastebin API Deprecated

We are aware that the pastebin scraping API has been deprectated and are reviewing.


For setup instructions please see the official documentation

PyPI version

Build Status

Supported Inputs

Pastehunter currently has support for the following sites:

  • # Gists
  • # Public commit activity feed
  • stackexchange # There are about 176!

Supported Outputs

Pastehunter supports several output modules:

  • dump to ElasticSearch DB (default).
  • Email alerts (SMTP).
  • Slack Channel notifications.
  • Dump to JSON file.
  • Dump to CSV file.
  • Send to syslog.
  • POST to URL

Supported Sandboxes

Pastehunter supports several sandboxes that decoded data can be sent to:

  • Cuckoo
  • Viper

For examples of data discovered using pastehunter check out my posts and

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