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PasteHunter is a python3 application that is designed to query a collection of sites that host publicly pasted data. For all the pastes it finds it scans the raw contents against a series of Yara rules looking for information that can be used by an organisation or a researcher.


For setup instructions please see the official documentation

PyPI version

Build Status

Supported Inputs

Pastehunter currently has support for the following sites:

  • # Gists
  • # Public commit activity feed
  • stackexchange # There are about 176!

Supported Outputs

Pastehunter supports several output modules:

  • dump to ElasticSearch DB (default).
  • Email alerts (SMTP).
  • Slack Channel notifications.
  • Dump to JSON file.
  • Dump to CSV file.
  • Send to syslog.
  • POST to URL

Supported Sandboxes

Pastehunter supports several sandboxes that decoded data can be sent to:

  • Cuckoo
  • Viper

For examples of data discovered using pastehunter check out my posts and

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