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A bézier curve plugin for VapourSynth
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A plugin which adjust the clip via bezier curve.


Vapoursynth-BezierCurve is a plugin which allow you to adjust a clip by specifying a quadratic or a cubic bezier curve.
The curve is specified by giving the values of begin point, end point and coordinates of anchor points.
It's suited for adjusting the mask clips such as sharp-weight or nr-weight in a easy and customized way without going deep into mathematics.

Supported Formats

8bit or 16bit integer YUV or GRAY clip.


core.bezier.Quadratic(clip, accur, input_range, begin, end, x1, y1)
core.bezier.Cubic(clip, accur, input_range, begin, end, x1, y1, x2, y2)


  • clip: a 8bit or 16bit integer YUV/GRAY clip.

  • accur: accuracy of the bezier curve. Smaller values result in a more accurate curve.

    • The accur only affect initializing speed and affect little on processing speed.

    • The default value of accur (0.01) is accurate enough to process most mask clip.

    • It's recommended to use accur smaller than 0.001 to process ordinary clip to avoid banding.

  • input_range: specify the range of input clip.

    • 0 - Full range (PC range)

    • 1 - Limit range (TV range)

  • begin: begin values of the curve.

  • end: end values of the curve.

  • x1, y1, x2, y2: the coordinates of anchors.

Note: All values related to curve are in scale of clip's bit-depth.

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