Scripted Local Linux Enumeration & Privilege Escalation Checks
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For more information visit

For silent (and clean output) Outfile and keyword(s) can be supplied from the command line: usage ./ outfile.txt 'keyword1 keyword2'

Thanks to @roo7break for the above reporting functionality

Notes: should be used for /bin/sh shell as search capability within 0.4 version is not working as expected (/bin/bash compatibility only).

See for further details

High-level summary of the checks/tasks performed by LinEnum:

  • Kernel and distribution release details
  • System Information:
  • Hostname
  • Networking details:
  • Current IP
  • Default route details
  • DNS server information
  • User Information:
  • Current user details
  • Last logged on users
  • List all users including uid/gid information
  • List root accounts
  • Checks if password hashes are stored in /etc/passwd
  • Extract full details for ‘default’ uid’s such as 0, 1000, 1001 etc
  • Attempt to read restricted files i.e. /etc/shadow
  • List current users history files (i.e .bash_history, .nano_history etc.)
  • Basic SSH checks
  • Privileged access:
  • Determine if /etc/sudoers is accessible
  • Determine if the current user has Sudo access without a password
  • Are known ‘good’ breakout binaries available via Sudo (i.e. nmap, vim etc.)
  • Is root’s home directory accessible
  • List permissions for /home/
  • Environmental:
  • Display current $PATH
  • Jobs/Tasks:
  • List all cron jobs
  • Locate all world-writable cron jobs
  • Locate cron jobs owned by other users of the system
  • Services:
  • List network connections (TCP & UDP)
  • List running processes
  • Lookup and list process binaries and associated permissions
  • List inetd.conf/xined.conf contents and associated binary file permissions
  • List init.d binary permissions
  • Version Information (of the following):
  • Sudo
  • Postgres
  • Apache
  • Checks user config
  • Default/Weak Credentials:
  • Checks for default/weak Postgres accounts
  • Checks for default/weak MYSQL accounts
  • Searches:
  • Locate all SUID/GUID files
  • Locate all world-writable SUID/GUID files
  • Locate all SUID/GUID files owned by root
  • Locate ‘interesting’ SUID/GUID files (i.e. nmap, vim etc)
  • List all world-writable files
  • Find/list all accessible *.plan files and display contents
  • Find/list all accesible *.rhosts files and display contents
  • Show NFS server details
  • Locate *.conf and *.log files containing keyword supplied at script runtime
  • List all *.conf files located in /etc
  • Locate mail