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OpenSourceRails (relaunched!) is a gallery of the best Open Source Ruby on Rails applications! Submit issues and pull requests to add or update your own project to the gallery.
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Welcome to the new Open Source Rails. We've revamped the site as a simple static site generator for more speed, easier updates, and maintenance by a larger open source community.


Submitting a new Project

We're managing new project submission via Github Issues. You can also send us a pull request.

Submit a new Project here

Submitting a Blog Post

You can also submit a guest blog post on Open Source Rails about your project (installation instructions, walkthrough guides, tips/tricks). If it's of high quality, we'll merge it in and feature it on our site.

You can either write the blog post as a github issue (in markdown), or fork the code of the site and check it in as blog/posts/[title].md

Getting it running locally

To help add features, write content, or tweak/fix the site, you can check out the project from github. We're using a static site generated called Middleman

Dev Instructions

git clone
bundle exec middleman server -p 3000

You should now be able to access the site locally at http://localhost:3000

You can also start Guard in a new Terminal tab with bundle exec guard -g assets. If you have LiveReload Chrome extension installed, it will automatically update your browser as you make changes.


To deploy to, just run:

bundle exec middleman build;bundle exec middleman deploy;

If you think you should have access to deploy but don't submit a new Github Issue with your SSH public key in it, and we'll add you to the authorized_keys on the server.

If you get github exceptions about rate limitations (default is just 60/per hour per ip address), you'll need to authenticate your machine via .netrc

echo 'machine login mygithubusername password MyPasswordHere111' >> ~/.netrc

replace mygithubusername and MyPasswordHere111 with your actual github username/password

If this is there, then it shouldn't have a problem with the rate limit (its bumped to 5k/hr).


The visual design / styles for this site is copyrighted and not owned by Open Source Rails. We have obtained a license to use it on a single site. If you'd like to use this site for your own purposes, please purchase a license for the design here: SimpleThings.

Aside from the JS and CSS, all other code for this site is licensed under MIT.

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