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Snow is a digital currency exchange engine written in node.js.

Snow uses postgresql as its database engine and is currently being developed for Ubuntu 12.04.

It currently supports deposits and withdrawals operations on Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ripple as well as a trading engine.

Project Overview

Roles and components:

A fully functional Snow system includes 7 roles, the install scripts are located in the /ops/ folder


Role Install script Description
pgm /ops/pg/ The database master, all the write queries are sent to this node
pgs /ops/pg/ The read only node acts a live backup of the master
api /ops/api/ The API node exposes the API to the web server. It is responsible for most of the database operations and contain the business logic
workers /ops/workers/ The workers communicates to the database and is reponsible to relay transactions from and to the Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ripple networks
web not included The client facing web server that communicates with the API
bitcoin not included The Bitcoin node that communicates to the workers via RPC calls
litecoin not included The Litecoin node that communicates to the workers via RPC calls
Folder Sructure
Path Content Description
/admin/ admin node.js code for the snow admin interface role
/workers/ worker node.js code for the workers role
/api/ api node.js code for the snow api server role
/client/ client api node.js client library for accessing the market
/db/ database scripts Contains initialization, migration and test scripts for the postgresql database
/docs/ documentation API and Activity types documentation
/ops/ snow-ops Installation scripts and network topology
API Documentation
Snow-Ops and Network topology
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