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Ansible module to manage packages from the AUR
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Ansible AUR helper

Ansible module to use some Arch User Repository (AUR) helpers as well as makepkg.

The following helpers are supported and automatically selected in the order they are listed:

makepkg will be used if no helper was found or if it is explicitly specified.


parameter required default choices comments
name no Name or list of names of the package(s) to install or upgrade.
upgrade no no yes, no Whether or not to upgrade whole system.
use no auto auto, yay, aurman, pacaur, trizen, pikaur, makepkg The helper to use, 'auto' uses the first known helper found and makepkg as a fallback.
skip_installed no no yes, no Skip operations if the package is present.
skip_pgp_check no no yes, no Skip verification of PGP signatures. This is useful when installing packages on a host without GnuPG (properly) configured. Only valid with makepkg.
aur_only no no yes, no Limit operation to the AUR. Compatible with yay, aurman, pacaur and trizen.


  • Either name or upgrade is required, both cannot be used together.
  • skip_installed cannot be used with upgrade.
  • In the use=auto mode, makepkg is used as a fallback if no known helper is found.


AUR package

The ansible-aur-git package is available in the AUR. Note the module is installed in /usr/share/ansible/plugins/modules which is one of the default module library paths.

Manual installation

Just clone the ansible-aur repository into your user custom-module directory:

git clone ~/.ansible/plugins/modules/aur



  • This module aims to cover the AUR; for package removal or system upgrade with the repositories, it is recommended to use the official pacman module,
  • A package is reinstalled only if an update is available, using the --needed parameter.


Use it in a task, as in the following examples:

# Install trizen using makepkg, skip if trizen is already installed
- aur: name=trizen use=makepkg skip_installed=true
  become: yes
  become_user: aur_builder

# Install package_name using the first known helper found
- aur: name=package_name

# Install package_name_1 and package_name_2 using trizen
- aur:
    use: trizen
      - package_name_1
      - package_name_2

# Upgrade - using pacaur
- aur: upgrade=yes use=pacaur

Create the "aur_builder" user

While Ansible expects to SSH as root, AUR helpers do not allow executing operations as root, they all fail with "you cannot perform this operation as root". It is therefore recommended to create a user, that we will call for example aur_builder, that has no need for password with pacman in sudoers. This can be done in Ansible with the following actions:

- user:
    name: aur_builder
    group: wheel
- lineinfile:
    path: /etc/sudoers.d/11-install-aur_builder
    line: 'aur_builder ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/pacman'
    create: yes
    validate: 'visudo -cf %s'
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