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Current kexecboot team:

  • Yury 'Jay7' Bushmelev
  • Andrea 'ant' Adami

Hall of fame

Thomas 'thesing' Kunze. Initial kexecboot author and developer up to version 0.3

  • Omegamoon. Thanks for initial configuration files support, text UI (still not mainlined yet) and other small and big improvements/comments/ideas.
  • Koen Kooi. Thanks for support in Ångström embedded linux distribution and for some comments/ideas.
  • Michael 'NCommander' Casadevall. Thanks for some configure options, testing on x86 and lot of nice ideas.
  • Eric 'pwgen' Weiss. Thanks for initial evdev-based input processing, touchscreen support and OpenMoko port.
  • Martin 'JaMa' Jansa. Thanks for contributing, feedback and port for SHR embedded linux distro.
  • Alexey 'alexxy' Shvetsov. Thanks for testing on HP IPAQ hx4700 and Gentoo port.
  • Attila 'atiti' Sukosd. Thanks for initial implementation of automatic boot feature.
  • Edwin Kouwenberg. Thanks for fixing our framebuffer code.


You can meet us on freenode, channel #kexecboot. Join now via FreeNode web IRC-client.

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