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How to brand kexecboot for my distro

Submitted by Jay7 on Wed, 04/20/2011 - 12:01

This page is stub. It should be improved.

  1. Kernel splash at this time is unrelated to kexecboot project. We are using OpenEmbedded to cross-compile kernel with splash.
  2. Kexecboot's icons, font and color settings are in 'res' subdirectory.

To brand kexecboot you can:

  1. Replace icons set with your own (icons are in XPM format)
  2. Replace font with your own (look into radeon-font.h, font.h and bdftoc.c files)
  3. Change GUI colors and dimensions in themes.h.
  4. If this is not enough for you, look into gui.h and gui.c files (or tui.c/tui.h if you are using text UI).
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