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How to write config file

Submitted by Jay7 on Wed, 04/20/2011 - 11:53

Kexecboot is looking into targets media /boot directory for boot.cfg file (/boot/boot.cfg). If found it will be loaded and parsed.

File boot.cfg is plain text file. Lines starting from '#' are comments. Options have form of KEY=value. A config file may have multiple sections separated by LABEL parameter.

The possible options are:
LABEL | Show this label in kexecboot menu
KERNEL | Full path to kernel
APPEND | Append value to kexec'ed kernel cmdline
INITRD | Full path to initrd file
ICON | Full path to icon (in XPM format currently) to be shown in kexecboot menu
PRIORITY | Priority of item in kexecboot menu. Items with highest priority will be shown at top of menu. Default is 0 (lowest, ordered according to /proc/partitions content) |

Sample boot.cfg

# kexecboot configuration file
# Default kernel
LABEL=Default working kernel
APPEND=quiet splash

# Testing kernel
LABEL=Testing kernel
APPEND=logo.nologo debug

# Forced pivoting
APPEND=root=/dev/mtd2 rootfstype=jffs2

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