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import requests
import polyline
import json
import os
class Writer:
def __init__(self):
self.features = []
def query(self, src, dest, custom_label = None):
request_url = '"{0}"&destination="{1}"&key={2}'.format(src, dest, os.environ["GMAPS_KEY"])
r = requests.get(request_url)
results = r.json()
route = results['routes'][0]['overview_polyline']['points']
coords = polyline.decode(route)
except Exception as e:
print("Error querying for directions for {0} tp {1} -- {2}".format(src, dest, str(e)))
# reverse order to comply with geojson spec
coords_list = [[lon, lat] for lat, lon in coords]
default_name = "{0} to {1}".format(src, dest)
"type": "Feature",
"properties": {
"name": custom_label or default_name
"geometry": {
"type": "MultiLineString",
"coordinates": [coords_list]
return [[lat, lon] for lat, lon in coords]
def save(self, filename):
geojson = {"type": "FeatureCollection", "features": self.features}
with open(filename, "w") as out:
json.dump(geojson, out)
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