A module which generates strings from an input corpus using Markov chains.
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This module takes any string input and constructs a dictionary containing the frequency that following words occur. This can be used to probabilistically generate text which resembles the original input. The user can also specify how long to make the final output.

I had originally planned to add the option of accepting a user defined n-gram length, but I feel that I reached the point of diminishing educational return. Currently uses n-gram of 2, which generates decent, but oftentimes nonsensical text.

Usage: python markov.py <filename>.txt <# of words>

Some example text generate from The Sayings of Confucius:

In awe he is stable a man with enquiries to another state

Come from afar do we not rejoice to live unknown

They are unprincipled stern men of arts and learning delights

His face changed when he was asked what is meant by kindness without waste

I have also made this into a Flask web app, live @: MarkovGen