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Seattle Police Department use of force data geographic visualization
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Seattle Police Department use of force

Analysis of SPD use of force data provided through the Seattle Open Data Portal: link. The geospatial visualization includes all the data, which spans from January 2014 until now (October 2019). For the curious, all use of force incidents are graded according to these SPD defintions.

These data were merged with SPD beat geometries, converted to GeoJSON from the available KMZ geometries in the open data portal. For simplicity only 2018 beat geometries were used, this means some of the pre-2018 data lying on the beat boundaries may be misrepresented.


Code layout

I am more comfortable in Python so all the data processing and file output code is handled in, otherwise there are two visualization in seperate html files.

The layout and purpose of the main files are as follows:

├── data                     # Static GeoJSON, JSON, and CSV data used for viz generation
├── force.[html,js,css]      # Map visualization and styling
├── histogram.[html,js,css]  # Incidents per officer visualization and styling
└──                 # Script for fetching, processing, and writing data files
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