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Keybase Build Status Build status

This repository contains the Keybase core crypto libraries, command-line utility, and local Keybase service. All code is written in the Go Language, making heavy use of Go's OpenPGP and NaCl Library implementation.

Our intended architecture is that keybase runs a local service on Desktop environments, which can be connected to over a local Unix domain sockets on OSX/Linux, and over named pipes on Windows. The persistent service will eventually listen for asynchronous server updates, and will serve several clients, like the command-line utility, the graphical desktop app (see electron), and the Keybase FUSE-mounted file system.

Code in this repository can run against either our production site or our staging server.

Install production client

If you're not building Keybase yourself, follow our usual install instructions.


Here's how to build the command line client on Linux or OSX. You need to have both Git and Go 1.9 or higher installed. (Run go version to see what version you have.)

# First we need to set up a GOPATH. This is a standard first step for
# building Go programs, so if you've done this already, skip on ahead.
# See also
mkdir ~/gopath
export GOPATH="$HOME/gopath"     # Consider putting this in your ~/.bashrc.
export PATH="$PATH:$GOPATH/bin"  # Ditto.

# Now for the actual clone and build.
go get
go install -tags production

# If you did the PATH bit above, this should just work.

Run the service

keybase service

Or specify a custom home directory (and use -d for debug):

keybase -H ~/Projects/Keybase/dev -d service

Note that many commands will start the service in the background automatically if it's not already running. See also keybase ctl --help.

Run the client

keybase login
keybase id max

Or you can run the client in "Standalone" Mode

# No service needed, but you'll be repeatedly prompted for your passphrase
keybase --standalone id max

Run tests

cd $GOPATH/src/

Calculate package dependenies

make gen-deps


Most code is released under the New BSD (3 Clause) License.

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