A single repo for managing publicly recognized issues with the keybase client, installer, and website.
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Keybase Issues

Client-side (app) bugs:

If you've installed Keybase on your desktop, run:

keybase log send

and follow the instructions. If you're on a mobile device, please just post to client issue tracker.

Serious security bugs

If you are aware of a security bug (or have a proposal/implemention of a "zero day" attack), notifying us privately is in the interest of all users. We can then discuss it post-mortem. To reach us privately, please get our public keys here:

You can import our keys to GPG with keybase pgp pull max and keybase pgp pull chris.

Everything else, including website bugs, ideas and suggestions

There's an issues tab on this page.

If you'd like to review our code

We'd like that too.

Hall-of-fame Bugfinders