Chrysalis bundle for Keyboardio
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Chrysalis bundle for

A heavy work in progress. Don't expect anything fancy. Or friendly. Yet.

To launch the development environment, simply type yarn && yarn start.

Please make sure you have a firmware with bi-directional communication and EEPROMKeymap enabled. The latest beta (v1.93-beta) of the factory firmware, or its latest master branch might be a good starting point.

Helpful scripts

There are many helpful scripts in package.json you can use when working within Chrysalis. You can activate any of these by running yarn <script name> on your command line.

  • rebuild: Rebuilds native Node.js modules against the version of Node.js that your Electron project is using
  • start: Starts the development server and application.
  • compile: Runs the rebuild script, compiles the application through Webpack, and outputs into the dist folder
  • build:all: Creates builds for all operating systems
  • build:mac: Creates a macOS build
  • build:win: Creates a Windows build
  • build:linux: Creates a Linux build
  • prettier: Runs Prettier (an opinionated code formatter) on all the code. Most editors also have plugins to run this while working in the application.
  • lint:all: Runs both linters on JS and CSS
  • lint:js: Runs eslint on all JS
  • lint:css: Runs stylelint on all CSS
  • clean:code: Runs Prettier and all linters
  • test: Runs all of the tests
  • test:watch: Starts Jest test runner in watch mode