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Installing the Keycloak server

The Keycloak Server has two downloadable distributions:

  • keycloak-{project_version}.[zip|tar.gz]

    This file is the server only distribution. It contains nothing other than the scripts and binaries to run the Keycloak Server.

  • keycloak-overlay-{project_version}.[zip|tar.gz]

    This file is a WildFly add-on that you can use to install the Keycloak Server on top of an existing WildFly distribution. We do not support users who want to run their applications and Keycloak on the same server instance.

  1. To install the Keycloak server, run your operating system’s unzip or gunzip and tar utilities on the keycloak-{project_version}.[zip|tar.gz] file.

  2. To install the Keycloak Service Pack, it must be installed on a different server instance.

    1. Change to the root directory of your WildFly distribution.

    2. Unzip the keycloak-overlay-{project_version}.[zip|tar.gz] file.

    3. Open the bin directory in a shell.

    4. Run ./jboss-cli.[sh|bat] --file=keycloak-install.cli.