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Authorization Quickstarts

In addition to the app-authz-jee-vanilla quickstart that was used as a sample application in the previous section, the {quickstartRepo_name} contains other applications that make use of the authorization services described in this documentation.

The authorization quickstarts have been designed so that authorization services are displayed in different scenarios and using different technologies and integrations. It is not meant as a comprehensive set of all the possible use cases involving authorization but they should provide a starting point for users interested in understanding how the authorization services can be used in their own applications.

Each quickstart has a README file with instructions on how to build, deploy, and test the sample application. The following table provides a brief description of the available authorization quickstarts:

Table 1. Authorization Quickstarts
Name Description


Demonstrates how to enable fine-grained authorization to a Java EE application in order to protect specific resources and build a dynamic menu based on the permissions obtained from a Keycloak Server.


Demonstrates how to enable fine-grained authorization to a Java EE application and use the default authorization settings to protect all resources in the application.


Demonstrates how to protect a SpringBoot REST service using Keycloak Authorization Services.


Demonstrates how to write a SpringBoot Web application where both authentication and authorization aspects are managed by Keycloak.


A simple application based on HTML5+AngularJS+JAX-RS that demonstrates how to enable User-Managed Access to your application and let users to manage permissions for their resources.