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Group-Based Policy

You can use this type of policy to define conditions for your permissions where a set of one or more groups (and their hierarchies) is permitted to access an object.

To create a new group-based policy, select Group in the dropdown list in the upper right corner of the policy listing.

Add Group-Based Policy

Add Group-Based Policy


  • Name

    A human-readable and unique string describing the policy. A best practice is to use names that are closely related to your business and security requirements, so you can identify them more easily.

  • Description

    A string containing details about this policy.

  • Groups Claim

    Specifies the name of the claim in the token holding the group names and/or paths. Usually, authorization requests are processed based on an ID Token or Access Token previously issued to a client acting on behalf of some user. If defined, the token must include a claim from where this policy is going to obtain the groups the user is a member of. If not defined, user’s groups are obtained from your realm configuration.

  • Groups

    Allows you to select the groups that should be enforced by this policy when evaluating permissions. After adding a group, you can extend access to children of the group by marking the checkbox Extend to Children. If left unmarked, access restrictions only applies to the selected group.

  • Logic

    The Logic of this policy to apply after the other conditions have been evaluated.