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Authorization Services

{project_name} Authorization Services are built on top of well-known standards such as the OAuth2 and User-Managed Access specifications.

OAuth2 clients (such as front end applications) can obtain access tokens from the server using the token endpoint and use these same tokens to access resources protected by a resource server (such as back end services). In the same way, {project_name} Authorization Services provide extensions to OAuth2 to allow access tokens to be issued based on the processing of all policies associated with the resource(s) or scope(s) being requested. This means that resource servers can enforce access to their protected resources based on the permissions granted by the server and held by an access token. In {project_name} Authorization Services the access token with permissions is called a Requesting Party Token or RPT for short.

In addition to the issuance of RPTs, {project_name} Authorization Services also provides a set of RESTful endpoints that allow resources servers to manage their protected resources, scopes, permissions and policies, helping developers to extend or integrate these capabilities into their applications in order to support fine-grained authorization.