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Requesting Party Token

A requesting party token (RPT) is a JSON web token (JWT) digitally signed using JSON web signature (JWS). The token is built based on the OAuth2 access token previously issued by {project_name} to a specific client acting on behalf of a user or on its own behalf.

When you decode an RPT, you see a payload similar to the following:

  "authorization": {
      "permissions": [
          "resource_set_id": "d2fe9843-6462-4bfc-baba-b5787bb6e0e7",
          "resource_set_name": "Hello World Resource"
  "jti": "d6109a09-78fd-4998-bf89-95730dfd0892-1464906679405",
  "exp": 1464906971,
  "nbf": 0,
  "iat": 1464906671,
  "sub": "f1888f4d-5172-4359-be0c-af338505d86c",
  "typ": "kc_ett",
  "azp": "hello-world-authz-service"

From this token you can obtain all permissions granted by the server from the permissions claim.

Also note that permissions are directly related with the resources/scopes you are protecting and completely decoupled from the access control methods that were used to actually grant and issue these same permissions.