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Downloading, Building, and Deploying Application Code

You must have the following installed on your machine and available in your PATH before you continue:

  • Java JDK 8

  • Apache Maven 3.1.1 or higher

  • Git

Make sure your {appserver_name} application server is started before you continue.

To download, build, and deploy the code, complete the following steps.

Clone Project
$ git clone {quickstartRepo_link}
$ cd {quickstartRepo_dir}/app-profile-jee-vanilla
$ mvn clean wildfly:deploy

During installation, you will see some text scroll by in the application server console window.

To confirm that the application is successfully deployed, go to http://localhost:8080/vanilla and a login page should appear.

If you click Login, the browser will pop up a BASIC auth login dialog. However, the application is not yet secured by any identity provider, so anything you enter in the dialog box will result in a Forbidden message being sent back by the server. You can confirm that the application is currently secured via BASIC authentication by finding the setting in the application’s web.xml file.